The balance of work and play

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Hello Readers!

Welcome to Girl vs. Gym!

Hopefully you are coming to the site to read about the best places in Athens, OH to get in a quality work out and the food to stay healthy. As a college student, it can be difficult to stay on a regular fitness routine when so many of us are running around taking classes, being involved in organizations on campus, and possibly working a part-time job.

Worry no more dear readers because it is going to be my job to help you find the best way to be fit and healthy while on a time budget. As we go through this journey together I’ll do my best to give you the low-down on the best free classes to take at Ping, what local foods can add to your healthy living, and much more. Maybe I’ll learn a little something too!

I also want to take the time on this first post to encourage you to communicate with me on new and exciting fitness activities in the area, any questions you may have or suggestions for work outs or posts. Make sure to follow the blog on Twitter at @girlvsgym for work outs and recipes I find along the way.


G vs. G


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