Dancing into fall

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Thankfully fall is creeping in which means that running outside is possible without collapsing in a pool of sweat. I don’t know about you but when I run I need to have a little music to get in the mood to run. But the debate on running with or without music has been a long standing one in the world of running.

For many, running with music decreases the volume of the little voice in your head telling you how much effort the run is taking and can increase your athletic performance up to 15 percent, according to Run Addicts Running Blog. The flow of the rhythm takes the mind off of the physical challenge. OU runners weighed in on the issue. 

“I would get really bored (without music),” Kelly Gifford, OU senior, said. “And it (music) keeps me motivated.” 

Others believe the opposite.

“I’ve never run with music. I like listening to nature,” Kate Roan, OU senior said. “The whole reason of running is to enjoy what’s around me. I have to listen to myself breathe.” 

According to a blog for The Guardian, a majority of runners polled believe that running with music helps their performance. When tested by John Moores University, 12 bikers listening to music of their own choice for 30 minutes. When the trial was repeated, the music tempo was increased 10 percent without the riders’ knowledge. The results showed that the riders’ heart rate and distance decreased when the tempo was slower and increased with it was faster. 

So it’s up to you. Whether you run with or without music, at least you are running. 


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