Running in Athens

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Fall is the perfect time of year to run outside. The air is cool, the sun is still out and the leaves changing color make the best view to the passerby. Athens is known for its number of bike and hiking trails but some of the best to explore are near Stroud’s Run State Park. Located on over 2,000 acres, Stroud’s Run provides a number of trails in addition to a scenic view of the lake. The park is open all day every day to runners, hikers, fishermen, etc.

Stroud’s, once home to the Shawnee Indians, now hosts a number of travelers from all over Ohio and remains one of Athens’ biggest summer and spring attractions to Ohio University students.

The seven trails to run at the park are called Finge Rock, Rockhouse, South Lakeview, North Lakeview, Homestead, Vista Point, and Pioneer Cemetery. The trails range from 0.4 to three miles long with North Lakeview being the longest.

If running isn’t your trail experience of choice, the park also allows bikes and horseback riding.

Stroud's Run in fall
Stroud’s Run in fall

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