The Great Outdoors

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Hiking is the best form of exercise. There, I said it. There’s nothing like getting outside, climbing hills and boulders to make a girl feel like Louis and Clark discovering new lands.

This past weekend I went to Hocking Hills Park with a few friends. We chose which trails we wanted to hike, how far to go and brought plenty of trail snacks for along the way. We didn’t just burn calories, we caught up and had a great fun and free outing while seeing all that nature has to offer.

According to Fit Day, not only is hiking good for you, it’s a great way to mix up your workout. The inclines and declines of each trail train your muscles to handle different levels of difficulty and reduce soreness while doing other exercise routines.

Fit Day also lists some more specific benefits.

“As hiking puts pressure on your bones, it encourages healthy bone structure and reduces the chances of osteoporosis. Being exposed to sunshine will also increase your levels of vitamin D. Hiking is a cardiovascular activity, depending on how hard you push yourself during a hike, and thus has benefits for your cardiovascular system, such as reducing the chances of heart disease, and increasing your overall fitness. Hiking is excellent for muscle tone, particularly cross country hiking, as your body and legs have to compensate for the rough terrain by working harder.”

So get out there while the weather is still great and start an adventure.

The ladies at Hocking Hills
The ladies at Hocking Hills



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