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Sometimes we miss work outs. It’s not the end of the world but it certainly isn’t helpful to ones esteem or practice of health. For me, when I miss one work out it can sometimes give me license (or so I tell myself) to skip more than one work out. It’s a slippery slope. For the runners out there, missing a work out is not the end of the world, but missing more than three days is.

Runners train their bodies to be machines of habit. They must train in intervals of short sprints and long work outs to make their muscles tolerant to the many miles they are logging. According to Triathlete, if a runner misses more than three days, he or she should start their week of training over again in order to “set up and taper for a specific date.”

On the bright side, if you missed a large period of time in your training schedule, that gives your muscles the energy to continue with a fresh start. So don’t get discouraged about missing one or two work outs, you will work through it. Just get to the gym!


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