Girl without a gym

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This weekend I, like many of my fellow Bobcats, will be participating in the Homecoming festivities. With this realization, I have already planned on skipping the gym. But this is not an excuse to miss a workout. Sometimes exercise without a gym can be the best kind because it allows you to get more creative with workouts and think outside the box in order to get a burn. Working with just your own body weight can also be very beneficial for muscles.

According to the Huffington Post, doing bodyweight workouts is a great way to gain muscle, burn fat and increase cardiovascular health. The workouts usually go faster than regular weight training because transitions between sets are as easy as changing position. There is also a lot of room to mix in cardio in with weight training as you transition by doing jumping jacks, squats, burpees, etc.

Bodyweight exercises are also helpful for those who don’t quite know what level of fitness they are woking on. Since there are no machines to restrict you, there is a better sense of learning what you can and cannot do and working to improve those areas. Bodyweight exercise is also one of the best ways to increase core strength and flexibility through timed stretches and ab workouts.

When looking through the blogosphere I stumbled across a blog called Spark People where one blogger gives several websites to exercises that target different parts of the body. Check it out!


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