The yoga question

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I have always been curious about yoga. Does it really help improve fitness? How much can fancy stretching actually help a person? I have taken one or two intro classes through Ohio University and was never sore enough to feel as if I’d done something worthwhile.

I think I need to give it another shot because according to the Yoga Journal, yoga can improve your flexibility. Those who stick with yoga will find that their body will be able to bend a little further each time as their muscles loosen up and adjust to the new routine. As flexibility increases, circulation improves, reducing the risk of blood clots later in life.

Regular yoga is said to decrease the chance of a heart attack later in life and decrease the possibility of depression.

So apparently I haven’t given yoga enough of a chance. Just like regular training, results take time. It just goes to show that you have to stick with a new routine and be patient.


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