Crossfit: The training of warriors

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When it comes to workouts, I’m always up for trying something new. That being said, the option of Crossfit terrifies me.

Crossfit first became a workout trend in 2000 when founder Greg Glassman founded it through his company Crossfit Inc. Today, the exercise regime is practiced in over 7,000 gyms across America. The way the workouts work is that the company posts different workouts every day. The gyms then distribute the workouts to their members and they follow them.

I like the idea of getting new routines every day. Sometimes it is difficult to get creative with a workout or change up your normal exercises. But from what I’ve heard, Crossfit exercises are designed to push yourself to the limit on every exercise you do.

Call it gym intimidation but the sound of it makes me nervous. That being said, I still have the urge to try it. If you are in the Athens, OH area and are looking for a place to try Crossfit, check out Crossfit SEO (Southeast Ohio) to see their workout schedules and learn more about the most popular exercise craze of the moment.

Also, for a little inspiration, check out this video about Crossfit below.


G vs. G


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