Working it out at work

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It’s that time of year again: internship/job search time. Although I am a senior this year and am looking forward to the real-life possibility of having a job, I am not excited about being tied to a desk for hours during the work week. Not only is it not healthy of a person to sit all day, it can be boring and really mess with your workout routine.

As an intern, I’ve always tried to stay active at work. Whether it means parking my car further away in the parking lot, drinking water during the day, or walking the long way to the bathroom, I try to add a little excitement to the week for my body.

Great inspiration for how to stay active at work can be found at Greatist. This blog is awesome. It has tips and tricks for the average working woman who needs to get a little exercise at work. The tips are simple, fun and will not disrupt those around you. Sure, you may look a little weird while doing some of these at work but a healthy body is more important than looking cool.

Check out the list of exercises here and get going!


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